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Loss of reputation, lower sales, litigation and fines are all implications of not being compliant with GDPR and DPA 2018. All your data including staff, customers and suppliers needs to be stored and used appropriately.  Our dashboard helps you find the right company and right solution for your organisation.

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Are you a business that can help an organisation with any aspect of GDPR compliance? From data disposal to litigation there is an ever growing demand for organisations to find a cost effective and professional solution.  Join our dashboard and help organisations  find the right business by sector and by region.

Why Us?

GDPR Dashboard Services was set up because of the genuine need for organisations to be able to source information and companies that specialise in the various aspects surrounding data protection, in one place.


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Case Studies

07 Heaven

07 Heaven is a marketing agency based in Chalkwell, Essex. Due to having access to the client as well as customer data, it was crucial both in business terms and in brand identity terms that they ensured their current data intake process was compliant. After visiting our dashboard, they were able to choose multiple suppliers who specialised in the different areas of GDPR. Although the basis of GDPR sounds straightforward, it is actually quite broad in terms of what is law-abiding and what isn’t.

By having these specialists, 07 Heaven were told their intake was compliant, but their availability to opt-out was not. It was not readily available to clients to opt-out of marketing services, a complicated route that made it almost impossible for anyone to remove themselves from marketing lists. Therefore, their chosen supplier helped them implement a strategy that reduced the risk of opt-outs, whilst keeping the route clear and simple for users.


WINNS are a facilities management company based in Southend, Essex. They came to us looking to ensure that they were not in breach of GDPR. They came to our dashboard and was able to choose from a variety of providers who could provide a range of specialities depending on their requirements and goals.

Once a supplier was chosen they started with a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), where essentially their current processes are analysed to see how compliant they are with ALL data protection laws. This analysis highlighted some major points of concern, all of which WINNS were unaware compromised their GDPR compliancy.

When the key points were highlighted, an accurate and realistic plan was created to start WINNS’ journey to being compliant. With their business at risk, it was essential they enlisted the help of a professional as they did not have the knowledge or resources to do this themselves.


The Wedding Guide is an online wedding directory based in Westcliff, Essex. They have been running for over 30 years, this meant that their historical data may be questionable in terms of GDPR compliancy. Although questionable, it was made clear from the owner that they did not want to completely remove their list that they had managed to obtain over the years. They came to our dashboard looking for a legal team who could help in this process of deciphering who was eligible to be on the list and who was not. Without our supplier’s help, The Wedding Guide would have had to start their mailing list from scratch, making it hard for them to rebuild the industry presence they had managed to create so far.