About Us

GDPR Services Dashboard team have a wealth of experience gained from many years working in the private sector but also latterly in the public sector.

The company was set up because of the genuine need for organisations to be able to source information and companies that specialise in the various aspects surrounding data protection, in one place.

John Moorhouse and Andy Crow are both certified GDPR Practitioners who understand and respond to the needs of their customers and having also had many years in senior management roles in the City, can understand the demands of organisations at C-suite level. Their work ethic will ensure that only the most reputable of companies are permitted to advertise on the website. 

Luke Stillwell runs the Digital Media side of the company which offers advertisers the unique ability to not only advertise through the site but also have their individual website’s online visibility enhanced through our digital promotions.

The Value of GDPR Dashboard

GDPR and the new UK Data Protection Act became enforceable on May 25th 2018 but research shows that many organisations, both big and small, are failing to comply with the new regulations. With the threat of fines, civil cases and reputational damage, it is vital that compliance is met within all aspects of your business. Anyone that processes the data of individuals within the EU needs to become accountable for the organisational and technical processes they use.

Can you afford to ignore the risks?

GDPR Dashboard was created to help those who require the various professional services needed to comply with the law but are unsure where to find practical guidance.

Each of our categories holds a list of professional service providers who will be able to support your business on your journey to compliance. All companies listed on the site are sector professionals that have previously helped customers in their specific area of expertise.

The law expects you to get data protection right so why not entrust GDPR Dashboard to point you in the right direction.

Our Team

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