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Oct 22
GDPR- You Don’t Know what you’re missing

Since its outset, the GDPR has been met with various views, ranging from the opinion…

Jun 17
Malvertising Campaign Abuses Chrome Hijacking 500 Million User Sessions

Since April 6th, a malicious advertising campaign has been redirecting Iphone and Ipad…

Jun 03
Under 18’s Face ‘Like’ and ‘Streak’ Limits on Social Media

Facebook and other social media companies face having to turn off the ‘like’ function…

May 01
Amazon Employees Listen To Alexa Conversations

The smart speaker trend started a few years ago when Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ Echo came out in…

Apr 01
Pregnancy Club Bounty UK Fined £400,000 For Illegally Sharing Personal Data

Pregnancy Club Bounty UK has been fined £400,000 for illegally sharing the personal…

Mar 04
The New EU Cookie Consent Law

“By using this website, you accept cookies” – sound familiar? Websites inform users…

Feb 04
How Are Organisations Taking and Using Your Child’s Personal Data

More data about children is collected than ever before and the availability of this…

Jan 08
How To Prepare Your Business For GDPR Changes in 2019

With a significant amount of enforcement activity and new laws being enacted on since…

Dec 10
GDPR – 6 Months on

GDPR has been enforced for over 6 months and we are seeing more and more data…